Hello and sorry for another hiatus from blogging on here, my wedding took up all my time and energy!  But today I am back with a good intention of blogging just once a month, nominally on the third Wednesday of each month, with the exception of next month where I will be doing a short series of posts with some of my favourite new-age style arrangements of Christmas carols!

Today’s post is inspired by some of my favourite new-age composers (including Ludovico Einaudi and William Zeitler) and also one of nature’s most beautiful scenes.  Imagine looking out of your bedroom window at night, maybe because you can’t sleep, or just for a moment of calm and peace.  Your house is in the middle of nowhere and you have a beautiful view of the sky.  And the sky!  Its filled with countless numbers of stars, all shining brightly.  Maybe you can identify some constellations, maybe you can’t, but its a moment of peace and calm to remember throughout the next day.

This piece that I’d like to share with you today encompasses that feeling, at least I feel it does.  Gentle and quiet and in one of my favourite keys of Bb minor.  That key just has a lovely feel to it.  I hope you enjoy it and it gives you a moment of peace as you listen.  I look forward to sharing some Christmas music with you next month!


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