Hello there!  Its been a while since I lasted posted here.  If you follow my nature blog you’ll realise its because I’ve been madly doing 30 Days Wild and so I was blogging every day on that blog throughout June and didn’t have much energy for blogging elsewhere!  But have no fear, music has still very much been a part of my life throughout June, and today I have a little piano composition to share with you, and a new look to this site!

I’ve been feeling kind of restless and a little stressed recently so I’ve been meditating and trying to get to the bottom of what’s making me feel like this.  Currently I still don’t know, but I do feel better having got this composition out onto the piano.  Its called reflection and I think it could really be about all meanings of the word reflection – I’ll let your mind take you on a journey as you listen to this piece.

There’s no much to say about it really, other than I hope you enjoy it!


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