Welney’s Swans

For those of you who follow my wild adventures, you might remember that back in December I got engaged in the magic of the (large, comfy and centrally heated) bird hide while watching the whooper swans and other birds swim on the washes lit up by the floodlights.  (Not ringing any bells?  Go ahead, go read this post on Stephanelli’s Wild Adventures, I’ll still be here when you get back!…Go on…read it…its important to the rest of this blog post.)

The other day, I was sitting at the piano and while playing some random bits and pieces I was thinking about our wedding plans and thinking back to our engagement when it hit me.  An almost fully formed waltz that flowed out onto the piano with a little bit of encouragement here and there.  The inspiration?  Why these beautiful creatures – the swans of Welney!  The inspiration came several months after seeing the swans, but I think that’s ok – shows that nature can be inspiring no matter the season!


This little waltz is therefore called Welney’s Swans.  It works beautifully on a recorder as well, but today, I’ve made it into a simple little piano arrangement for your pleasure.


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