Apologies for it being a while since my last post – I have so many things I want to blog on this site and seemingly not enough time to get everything done!  This will be a short post today

Today I wanted to share a little waltz I wrote a while back.  It was born out of a feeling that I needed to compose but I didn’t know what I was composing so it just sort of came about after a period of improvisation on accordion.  While I composed this on the accordion, I’ve recorded it today on the piano because I felt it brought the mood of the piece better – you can guess this from its title!

Melancholy is an odd feeling.  My dictionary (Collins Concise Dictionary, third edition) describes in two ways that are relevant:

  1. (noun) a tendency to gloominess or depression
  2. (noun) a sad, thoughtful state of mind – I think this is most relevant to the feel of the music

(In case you’re interested, the other definitions are:

  1. (archaic) a: a gloomy character; b: one of the four bodily humours – black bile
  2. (adjective) characterised by causing or expressing sadness, dejection etc.)

The piece is written in F minor which is a key that always feels sad and thoughtful to me – but particularly so here.  It does however have a few major inflections which brings out the thoughtful side of the feeling rather than just one of sadness and depression.

That’s all there really is to say about this piece, I hope you enjoy it!


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