Sea Of Dreams

The piece I’d like to share with you today is one that I composed only yesterday.  I was playing the piano from a book of music by Ludovico Einaudi – one of my favourite composers.  For some reason yesterday, the music wasn’t holding my attention as it normally does so I put the book down and just started playing to see what came out.

The rhythm of this piece, at least at the start, is loosely related to that of a Strathspey – a slow style of Scottish dance (often traditionally followed by a reel).  To see a strathspey danced well is a treat – it looks so beautiful, elegant and effortless – like the dancers are simply gliding over the floor.  We don’t play strathspeys very often in the ceilidh bands I play in – sometimes as a show set (for people to listen to and dance without being given instructions) but very rarely for dancing.

This composition is the product of improvising based on what I was feeling at the time and continuing until I found I liked the tune and the feel of the piece.  The title came from the fact that it feels dreamlike to me, yet the tune is changeable – like the sea.  I hope you enjoy listening to it!



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