Forever Now – A Folk Waltz

In my last post, I shared a little bit of research and the MIDI recording of a beautiful Viennese Waltz by Franz Schubert.  In this post I’m going to stay on the theme of waltzes but in a completely different style.

This piece is one that I composed probably a couple of years ago (I’m terrible, I forget to date my compositions…), after becoming slightly obsessed with waltzes in folk music.  I regularly play gigs with a ceilidh band and we are often asked to play waltzes by the caller (the person telling the dancers what to do).  Most of the time, they still have that characteristic um-pah-pah sound, but not always – it often depends on the dance itself.  I find them to be a tad slower and a bit more relaxed and fluid than your typical Viennese waltz, but all the more beautiful for it!  I’m stereotyping here, and sometimes it definitely doesn’t work like that, but that’s my general opinion!

I took inspiration for this piece from a tune that was popular in the ceilidh band pub sessions called Med Ludvig I Sekken – you can find the version by AskerLadden here on Spotify, played much faster than ceilidh band often play it!  It has a gentle, flowing beat and I think its just wonderful.

In terms of the recording, this time I’ve managed to link my piano up to a computer and hence a live recording has been achieved.  I haven’t edited the sound or anything, but I hope you like it.  The basic tune has two parts, often I’ll repeat each part, but for today’s recording I decided to play it without repeating each part and just play around with it and change the accompaniment and generally enjoy playing it.  I hope you like what came out as much as I do!


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